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Digital Portfolio Manager
Representation of Baltic amber presented in Lithuanian pavilion at EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea. App has 4 versions: iPAD, iPHONE, ANDROID mobile phones and Android tablet versions you can download by scanning QR code.
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Ess-Aar corporate website based on HTML5
Representative website for intelligent solution and design trends: HTML5, Parallax scrolling is compatible with touch screen devices.
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Memorable brand and unique full corporate identity based on digital means.
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World’s unique digital style studio.
From strategy to development, from branding to marketing campaign - we create interactive digital solution empowering people to model their personal look, consult stylist or social network members.
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Digital brand experiences
Energiek Fitness – pioneers in the fitness equipment industry. Web and mobile platforms support brand image, interact with clients more closely, involve them in digital campaigns and increase loyalty.
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7 years of EXPERIENCE




Who we are

Indyamax is a brand of Indyamax Technologies and we are a full web based service provider based in Chennai, top IT centres in India. Our brand includes Browsercook, Mysetupbox & Mysupportbox.

We provide white labeled reseller service and creative digital solutions & branding solutions to bring your products and services to a wider public. With our branding and user centered design, we have facilitated our customers to the potential of technology, to gain instant, visible and measurable returns from their investments in technology.

White label reseller

services include web-hosting, domain registration, email hosting, SSL Certificate, website builder and web applications.

Digital branding solutions

includes business analysis, design & multimedia, digital marketing, Web & mobile solutions, payment gateway integration, custom software development and web-hosting.

We are different

  • Leading-edge approach
  • Reliable IT development partner
  • Promote innovative brand experience
  • Full digital service
  • Valuable business insights

Clear Difference in Quality

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch

Combining technology, design & media we build advanced connections between brands and their audiences. We create compelling solutions that deliver and sustain business growth, starting from web and mobile applications to complex business enterprise software.

what we are the best at


NEED to know how technology can bring you value?

Never stop looking for better solution. CONSULT US.

We design, develop and manage web based enterprise solutions and mobile applications.

We can make your business perform better, compete better, and generate more money.

Quality , Usability, Security.

Are all at the heart of our unique smart tools
Our digital solutions support your business with innovative technology and user centered design.

Digital solutions that deliver.
Effective results. Measurable value. Progress through innovation.

Our key strength lies in the people we employ: sharp, experienced and passionate developers and thinkers. Most of our team members have 4 + years of experience, higher university education and are all certified professionals.


Areas of our expertise

  • research & consulting
  • analysis & planning
  • branding & image
  • visual design
  • copywriting
  • multimedia
  • UI development
  • programming
  • IS hosting

Talent Mentoring & Talent Networking

Young talents and open minded candiates are always welcomed.

We ensure
  • responsible mentoring
  • full time team support
  • opportunities reflecting experience
We expect
  • new ideas
  • responsibility and delivered results
  • methodology based input
  • long term value

Over 50 of the large companies and public institutions are IndyaMAX.com clients.
Our long term close relationships with our clients gives us compettive experience in these sectors:

  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Food & drinks
  • Medicine & pharmacy
  • Trade & e-commerce
  • Finance & credits
  • Manufacturing & branding
  • Tourism & leisure

Contact us now. We enjoy sharing

our experience & meeting new challenges

Indyamax Business Solutions

S3 SaiGraha, 46A Sai Nagar

Second Main Road, Virugambakkam

Chennai - 600 092, India

+91-44 4217 0461

+91-78711 78999

Email: consulting@indyamax.com

Helpdesk: support@indyamax.com

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